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Birding safari in Tanzania

The wild expanses of East and Southern Africa are paradise for birders

While there is plenty to occupy the keen or amateur birdwatching fanatic from the moment you touch down, there are also plenty of opportunities to spend time with some seriously impressive guides. Some guides have developed bird knowledge as a special interest, some have become so familiar with the common bird guide books that they literally name the page with each bird sighting… It certainly saves time leafing through indexes! It is wonderful and worthwhile to have someone to share your enthusiasm with. The many habitats of East Africa provide dream birdwatching locations and a dauntingly long list of endemic species that you simply have to travel to find.

The wild expanses of Tanzania offer the ultimate paradise for birding enthusiasts. While there’s plenty of birdwatching opportunities in Tanzania, you will get a wonderful experience being guided by professionals. The huge list of bird species to be found here make bird-watching safaris in Tanzania the most sought-after activity among bird lovers.


Tanzania is a well-known safari destination for its highest concentrations of game parks and nature reserves. The most visited national reserves that worth visiting for bird watching are the Serengeti National Reserve, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and more.


Having said that, few compare to Tarangire National Park, especially during the dry season because of the low density of tourists and higher visibility of spotting rare and common bird species.


Tanzania is host to over 900 residents and 200 migrant bird species throughout the national park and game reserves, whilst Tarangire National Park boasts 500 species.

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