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Africa provides fantastic photographic opportunities

African Safari Photography

Photography Safaris

Any safari to Africa will offer thrilling opportunities for good photographs. However, opting for a tailor-made photographic safari will guarantee perfectly preserved memories, captured on film. A classic safari includes great accommodation, amazing scenery, and exceptionally good guides, but sometimes it doesn’t involve superb photography. That’s why a specialist photographic safari is highly recommended for travelers who are particularly interested in wildlife photography and landscape photography. Heading into the bush with a knowledgeable photography guide can make all the difference when your subject is Africa’s unpredictable wildlife. Whether you’re trying to get a stable image of the thundering wildebeest migration or the perfect portrait of a shy cat, your private professional photography guide is on hand to share their tricks of the trade.

A photographic safari is one of the best ways to preserve your safari memories, improve your art and impress your friends back home

Wildlife photography and traditional safaris don’t often mix. As a photographer, it’s always frustrating when your guide, or the people on your safari vehicle, are uninterested in subjects that you would like to photograph.

Wildlife photography requires patience, preparation, dedication, and a guide that understands how to get you into the right position for that perfect capture. You also need lots of space and equipment to move in your vehicle. In short – you need to go on a dedicated photographic safari.

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